CBD Oil for cats 4%. 10ml


CBD Oil for cats 4%. 10ml

Every cat owner knows for sure that their fluffy friend may be more sensitive than a human. This CBWEED 4% CBD oil provides a convenient way to offer your cat all the benefits of CBD.

How does CBD affect pets? Cats, like humans, have a common endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is responsible for receiving and translating various signals, for example, this system affects mood and appetite. ECS can be stimulated by cannabinoids such as CBD.

These and other benefits will come from our CBWEED CBD oil. This 4% oil has a stronger effect than our CBD lozenges. This oil will be most suitable for cats that need regular CBD use. Despite its great potential, our oil is not psychoactive.

Finally you can stop looking for the right product for your pet – CBWEED is here!

Ingredients: soybean oil, olive oil, hemp extract, fish oil, vitamin E / 3a700, flavorings

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