Shanti CBG 5 g


Cannabis Light Shanti CBG 5 g , grown by CBWEED indoors, is a seedless, high-quality, high-quality CBG product. THC content lower than required by law.
Why choose flowers with the new CBG cannabinoid?
Continuous research and development of innovative products is the main passion of our breeders’ department. With all this in mind, we have decided to go beyond CBD, to look at the future cannabinoid CBD molecule. The CBG molecule has the ability to stimulate concentration and reduce stress is equivalent to meditation and yoga.
Shanti CBG has it all and more.
CBG content< 10%
Content of the CBD< 1%
THC content< 0.2%
Product for technical and laboratory use, suitable for farmers and universities.
Not suitable for sale to minors.

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