Terpenes are one of the things that make us love cannabis so much: let’s talk about the aromatic oils that give it the classic smell of marijuana and make different types of inflorescences different again.

But did you know that they are almost as important as the most commonly cited cannabinoids?

These oils are completely natural products that are part of the plant itself, not artificial flavors added during growth or after harvest. Each genetic has a specific blend of terpenes that, depending on their properties, will create a different aftertaste/smell with an almost infinite range of variations. But with so much talk about CBD and THC lately, terpenes have so far remained in the shadows, which is very wrong considering that experienced farmers know how important it is to develop genetics with the right terpenes to make their product commercially attractive . In addition to giving cannabis its special flavor, terpenes are also important from a medical and scientific perspective, to find out why, if you continue reading this study on the aromatic world of cannabis terpenes.


Why is hemp rich in terpenes?

Because it is an extremely intelligent plant! In fact, terpenes are a special olfactory weapon against many of the natural parasites of cannabis (creatures that would attack it), but at the same time bait for other beneficial insects involved in the pollination phenomenon. Terpenes are not only produced by the cannabis plant, but many others are characterized by the presence of these substances with an intense smell, and it is no coincidence that many of them are commonly called “aromatic”. Plants produce specific terpenes based not only on genetic predisposition, but also on the context in which they are born and grow: in fact, they are strongly influenced by things like temperature, humidity and habitat.

Why is it better to choose terpene-rich cannabis?

Obviously, we are talking about special aromas that are formed from the best quality inflorescences and that literally attract fans like flies … but terpenes are not only valuable for their special taste. In fact, different combinations of terpenes can significantly change the experience of taking cannabis, being able to react with cannabinoids and amplify (in some cases) the effects in a very interesting way (from a theoretical point of view, smoking cannabis for pleasure is still illegal in Italy).

Terpenes and cannabinoids

Have you ever thought about how everyone’s cannabis experience is a little different? Very often this is related to the percentage of THC and CBD in the inflorescences, but the terpenes can also be changed (and not only at the aromatic level). As we said, different types of essential oils can be combined with a specific type of cannabinoid and change their intensity.

How does this increase in activity occur?

In practice, a terpene is able to increase our body’s reactivity to cannabinoids and therefore (depending on the type of terpene) make the cannabis experience more intense, more relaxing, more fun, more pain-relieving, etc.

The value of terpenes for medical research

In recent years, the therapeutic value of CBD and THC has been sufficiently proven, and pharmaceutical companies around the world have jumped on the bandwagon, funding many scientific studies on the therapeutic use of cannabinoids. It is only recently that terpenes have begun to attract the attention of the scientific world, and we are sure that they will soon be considered very important in the medical field precisely because of this special synergy with cannabinoids. In addition, they have been quite successful in alternative medicine and herbal science for many years due to the beneficial properties inherent in many of these aromatic oil varieties, which can be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, stimulating, depending on the type. , relaxing … in short, getting to know terpenes better can really open up a world of possibilities!