Today, more and more people are choosing organic, organic and natural products.

There is a Cannabis Healthy Food and Beauty Shop CBWEED Latvia in Riga, Kr.Barona Street 64 .

Why is there a whole store dedicated to cannabis?

Due to its rich nutrient content, cannabis has been widely used in various industries since time immemorial. In ancient India, cannabis was called Bandha, which translates to creating a pause between spirituality and mind.  

Mental health is a very topical issue today. Stress reduces the body’s defenses and we become weak against viral infections. Stress disorientes people, reduces performance, makes decision-making more difficult and loses self-confidence. CBD helps restore a sense of comfort, reduces stress and improves sleep quality. 

CBWEED only offers its customers safe products that do not contain psychoactive substances. 
Each case is unique and for more information please contact the store, instagram, facebook. 

CBWEED offers a line of CBD and care products for our beloved pets. Cannabis oils, face and body treatments are known to be well tolerated. Thanks to the essential amino acids Omega 3 and 6 in hemp oil and the unique composition, each product will become a favorite for you and your family. All cosmetics are tested on animals, have a completely natural composition, are suitable for vegans and are very pleasant to use. Hemp seed oil contains a unique proportion of Omega 3 and 6, hemp seeds are rich in protein, trace elements and fiber, making them a healthy food.