Outdoor cultivation was our starting point, and today we are absolutely specialists in this technique. Our growers work on three crops that run through the fields around the company’s headquarters. They are located at different altitudes, which allows experimentation with different temperatures and soils, while maintaining direct control over production activities. Here we grow our historical genetics, with which we took the first steps in the world of cannabis: Critical Mass and OG Kush. Using these plants, we have improved our methods to get the perfect product.


Since 2019. Our growers use a wonderful indoor area of 500 m2, which is intended only for growing our best flowers. Our growers carefully control the humidity, temperature and lighting to guarantee you the highest quality products. All our plants are environmentally friendly thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels, organic farming methods and fertilizers that do not contain chemical additives that are dangerous to products and nature. This is where we grow our best strains, such as WHITE WIDOW and ORANGE HAZE.


Before we got to complex cultivation, we started growing our own flowers GREEN HOUSES. Here the plants grow in an environment protected from the weather, where temperature and humidity are always controlled. The result is compact, resin-rich and intensely aromatic buds that grow in the eye of our growers.


Organic farming methods

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Chemical additives